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Game is the name of the game? Bina Osteria, Boston

Bina Osteria is located in the Ritz-Carlton residences, a stone’s throw away from the Boston Opera House, making it a perfect place for a quick dinner before a show. Carol and I went to see Ultimate Balanchine, a showcase of three of his shorter ballets on Thursday and we had the three course prix fixe “Curtain Call” menu.


I had a venison carpaccio to start, a wild boar goulash for an entrée and crème caramel for dessert. The venison was a bit gamey, as one would expect, but not that flavorful and the meat had a mushy texture – not appealing. The boar was dry, dry and more dry. It was undistinguishable from a classic braised short rib that had been massively over cooked. I don’t know why I picked two game selections; it just seemed right. I was so wrong.


Carol’s tuna bocconcini was a tuna tartare mixed with ricotta, which give it a weird texture. Her hanger steak was the winner of the night; it was tender, flavorful and cooked correctly. She had tiramisu for dessert and it came sheathed in a layer of chocolate, which just seems wrong to me.


The service was good and speedy, exactly what you want when trying to make a 7pm show. Bina is yet another entry in the long list of upscale Italian restaurants in Boston and there is nothing to draw me back to this one.

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