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Seattle, Part II

When I was blogging about Seattle, I was astounded to realize we tried 9 different eating establishments in the 42 waking hours we were there. It was even more shocking to realize that I forgot 2 of the restaurants we went to: Salumi and Crab Pot.


Salumi is a small storefront selling artisan cured meats by Mario Batali’s father, Armandino Batali. On weekdays, they have a brisk lunch business. We arrived and the line is out the door. We ordered a porchetta sandwich and platter of 6 different cured meats, olives and cheeses. I don’t  remember the names of any of the meats, but they were delicious. The star was the porchetta  sandwich; the roast pork was fork tender, flavorful and dripping with meat juices. It was a divine sandwich; probably the best sandwich of the trip. Salumi has a tiny area with seating for 10 in the back of the store. If it is a nice day, you are much better off taking your sandwiches to go and finding a nice park to eat them in.



Crab Pot – I first saw this restaurant on Man Vs. Food. Now, MVF is frequently more about quantity than quality, but I am a sucker for any meal involving a mountain of seafood, a mallet and a bib.


We got the Alaskan seafeast which has 3 kinds of crab (king, Dungeness, snow), shrimp, mussels, clams, corn, potatoes, and sausage. The waitress comes with a large stainless steel bowl and pours the mountain on to the table. She leaves the bowl for shells and scraps. The seafood was fresh and not overcooked. It was not the best crab we had on our trip (just wait till the Alaska post!) but it was an honorable rendition.

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