gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Trina’s Starlite Lounge, Somerville

It was a weekend of disappointing eats; first North by Northeast, then Bergamot and now Trina’s. I’ve been trying to convince my Tuesday night bridge crew to try somewhere, anywhere new for ages. Trina’s was one of the contenders. But, no, they hold steadfast in their belief that John Harvard’s is king and I shall never overthrow it. So, instead, I convinced R to go for brunch, so that I could finally try the much talked about chicken and waffles. It was even mentioned in a recent Bon Appétit article about fried chicken around the nation.


R ordered the velvet Elvis French toast which came with banana, peanut butter and chocolate covered bacon. This was an abomination. It was made with white bread ala Wonder. It was sad, soggy, floppy French toast. I felt disgusted and insulted by this French toast. I did like the chocolate covered bacon.


How was the chicken and waffles? At the exorbitant price of $17, I expected some amazing chicken to come my way. The breast was large, unwieldy, and overcooked with brunt edges. The waffle should have been crispier, but had good texture and flavor. It didn’t matter, but this point I was so appalled by the French toast, I was ready to leave.


Food: D

Service: B

Value: D

Overall: D

Tags: restaurant review, somerville
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