gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Four Burgers, Cambridge

R and I had a quick lunch at Four Burgers last week. The menu, as the name suggests, offers four types of burger: grass fed beef, turkey, salmon, and vegan (black bean). There is an assortment of cheeses and vegetables for toppings. Sides include salad, fries and sweet potato fries.


We had beef burgers with cheddar, caramelized onions and mushrooms. The burgers were cooked correctly, and I liked the toppings, but the bun was soft and cottony. When I pay almost $10 for a burger that does not even come with anything, I expect more than a pedestrian, supermarket roll. We also got a small order of fries; I liked that there is a half regular, half sweet potato option. The sweet potato fries are cut too thin, resulting in a chewy fry, however the regular fries were crispy and well seasoned.


R and I agreed, there is no reason to go to Four burgers, just keep on driving past Central Square till you made it to Harvard Square and have a Bartley’s burger instead.


Food: B

Service: B

Value: C

Overall: B-

Tags: burgers, cambridge, restaurant review
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