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Clam Box, Ipswich

It was the annual sandcastle competition today at Crane's beach. The beach was packed and although it was 95 degrees today, the water was still freezing! After a long, hot afternoon, MJ, Brian, R and I were ready to eat and stopped at the Clam Box on the way home.

I've read on a “tip” that you can call ahead and zoom ahead of the poor schmucks that are waiting in the long, serpentine line in the parking lot. So as we got ready to leave, we called and got the voicemail message, “we are not currently taking phone orders.” So in the car we went and after a course correction, (what was this, Navigational Snafu #5?!?! This time it was R's fault, at least) we arrived to wait in line with the rest of the schmucks. It was actually shorter than normal and after not too long of a wait, MJ and I carried two trays piled high with all sorts of fried goodness: native clams, scallops, shrimp, haddock, oysters, french fries and onion rings. Clams was terrific as always; I also loved the perfect texture of the scallops. The rest was okay, but not as good as the clams and scallops. I was good, as soon as I felt I was approaching the fine line between satisfaction and nausea that comes with too much fried food, I stopped. Good thing too, because then we stopped at White Farm Ice cream (also on rt 133) and had some soft serve and homemade ice cream, a perfect ending to a beach day.

Tags: ipswich, restaurant review
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