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Sole Proprietor, Worcester

I’ve been hearing about Sole Proprietor from Steve for years, literally, years. So, this past Saturday I was finally able to experience this restaurant for myself. As the name indicates, seafood is the name of the game and menu has an overwhelming amount of options. Yet, as I scanned the menu, all the options seemed to have a flaw. The Tuna Steak Barcelona looked interesting but it was stuffed with feta cheese. Or there was the Dark Miso and Pineapple Glazed Salmon, but it was served “over jasmine rice and stir-fried vegetables complemented by a Thai sweet soy sauce,” which did not sound appealing to me.


They also have an array of fish and shellfish you can have simply grilled, broiled or blackened. I finally opted for North Atlantic salmon, grilled. I told our waitress I wanted it rare, really rare, as rare as the cook was comfortable doing it. I’m happy to report that the salmon was not overcooked, so I quite enjoyed my fish. The pedestrian zucchini, carrot and yellow squash medley did nothing for me, but I liked the mashed potatoes.


Steve ordered the grilled swordfish with a mushroom and sweet green pea risotto. I thought his risotto was tasty, and fish was fine (clearly overcooked for me). He loved it. I was not impressed by the onion rings – the batter was too thick and a little mealy. He loved the onion rings, too.


We had the “real” key lime pie for dessert. I wanted to ask why real was in quotes, but refrained. The “pie” came in a short, round ramekin: the graham cracker crust was soggy and the filling was slightly bitter, like they got careless while zesting and took too much pith off.


The service was good, and the rolls in the bread basket were warm (always a plus). It’s a shame that it is in all the way in Worcester. It always surprises me that Boston has a lack of seafood restaurants like this; we could certainly use a good one.

Food: B+

Service: A-

Value: B+

Overall: B+

Tags: restaurant review, seafood, worcester
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