gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Think Tank, Cambridge

15 years ago, this basement space in One Kendall Square used to be Manhattan Sammy's Deli. I spent 3 summers working at the Human Genome Center at MIT, which was located on the 5th floor of the same building and had many a lunch at Sammy's. Mostly, I loved their pickles.


Fast forward to 2010 and I was sitting in the same basement space with Brian having a quick meal before bridge, except now it is Think Tank, the latest gastropub concept to crop up in Boston.


We shared the fish and chips, the Seoul burger and the steak flatbread. The fish was tender but the batter was too thick and overshadowed the fish. The flatbread had steak, figs, onions and arugula and the fig was completely overwhelming. The star of the meal was definitely the Seoul burger; the Korean bbq beef was flavorful and a perfect medium rare and I loved the runny yolk from the farm egg on top.


Our server was friendly and he was accommodating with the fact we were in a semi rush. I think the restaurant needs to work on harmonizing the ingredients so that their flavors were together instead of fighting one another. The menu is fairly reasonably priced with entrees in the low 20's. All in all, I think it's a welcome addition to a growing restaurant scene in One Kendall Square.


Food: B+

Service: A-

Value: B+

Overall: B+

Tags: cambridge, gastropub, restaurant review
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