gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Dalya's, Bedford

I usually don't bother writing about repeat visits to a restaurant, after all, do you want a weekly entry about John Harvard's? But, once in a while, there is something notable enough to merit another post. I was at Dalya's in Bedford this past weekend. I was there two years ago and liked it enough, but didn't think it was impressive enough for it to be a destination (it's in Bedford).


I had the grilled salmon, which they cooked very rare, just the way I liked it. However the accompanying quinoa was a delightful surprise – the grain had a nice toothsome texture and a great nutty taste. It was tossed with olives that added a great brininess and lemon zest for flavor. I loved it.


The other notable component to the meal was my dining companion's pork chop; it was really delicious. There was nothing unique about it, it was just a bone in chop that was moist, juicy and flavorful – simple food done simply well.


I still don't know how often I would trek to Bedford just for Dalya, but if I do go again, I am definitely having the quinoa.

Tags: bedford, restaurant review
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