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2010: Year in Review

Most memorable meals of 2010 (in no particular order):


Dahlia Lounge, Seattle – from the awesome crab cake to the four desserts we ordered, the meal was amazing, start to finish. The crème caramel will go in to the annals as the best I’ve ever had.

Tracy’s King Crab Shack, Juneau – Down a alleyway, in a shack in Juneau lives the best King Crab I’ve ever had. I wish all seafood could be experienced like this.

Menton – Barbara Lynch’s newest fine dining temple to gastrostomy. At $350, I was bound to be disappointed – but I wasn’t, it was a magnificent meal, with the best services I’ve ever experienced.

Emeril’s Delmonico (New Orleans) – I had many fantastic meals in NOLA, but Delmonico stands high above the rest. I dream of the crispy pork cheeks.

If I had an All Star list I would include Il Casale, Peter Luger and 51 Lincoln – these restaurants have never let me down.

Honorable mentions:


Stella – a lovely meal all-around with a delicious Bolognese.


Toro – The short rib burger lived up to expectations.


Jumpin’s Jay’s (Portsmouth) – delicious fresh seafood topped off with an outrageously

good key lime pie.


Bretton Arms Inn – a delicious, hearty dinner, perfect after a long day of skiing.


South Garden – Chinese New Year’s was celebrated with abundant, fresh seafood and not having to clean up.


Best Discoveries:


Ramen at Blue Ginger - This is not the ramen you made in your dorm room in college. The white miso and caramelized onion broth is sublime.


Crumpets at The Crumpet Shop (Seattle) – Crumpets are English muffins amped up, perfect for a breakfast sandwich – Dunkin’ Donuts has nothing on them.


Porchetta sandwich at Salumi (Seattle) - Mario Batali’s father, Armandino Batali creates a love letter to pork in sandwich form.


Yankee Lobster – for $36 bucks, we got a steamed lobster the size of a small newborn. Awesome.


Deep fat fried hog head cheese at Cochon (NOLA) – head cheese was previously on my list of 5 foods I don’t like, but not longer. Cochon’s version has forever changed me. 


Quinoa at Dalya’s – who knew this ancient grain could be so good?



Biggest Disappointments:


The Oak Room – It was over-price and over-rated for over-cooked steak.


Ginger Exchange – God awful Asian fusion – avoid this restaurant at all costs.


Momofuku Milk Bar – David Chang, you are supposed to be a culinary God – why was I so let down by your goodies? Has fame gotten to your head?


New Haven Pizza (Pepe’s and Sally’s) – The pizza was good, but worth the 2 hour wait? I think not.


Five Guys Burgers – In-N-Out, you are not.


Sensing – I sense this restaurant was supremely overrated.


Trina’s Starlite Lounge – the French toast was an abomination. It was made with white bread ala Wonder. It’s the only time this year I was offended by a meal.


For 2011: 

I only went to 7 restaurants on my 2010 list, so there will be lots of repeats.

  1. Coppa
  2. Duckfat
  3. Clio
  4. Sportello
  5. Journeymen
  6. Foundry on Elm
  7. Towne
  8. Bondir
  9. Russell House Tavern
  10. Herb Lyceum
  11. Angela’s Café
  12. M&M’s Ribs
  13. Green Street
  14. 75 Chestnut
  15. Trattoria Toscana
  16. Masa
  17. Rendezvous


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