gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

House of Chang, Cambridge

I tried this place after Robert Nadeau reviewed it positively for the Phoenix and since then it has entered in to the rotation for Chinese, along with Shangri-La in Belmont. After a long day of bridge (4 matches in 24 hours, but we won the KO), I was in the mood for take-out.


I got the moo shi shrimp and it was generous portion with lots of vegetables and medium sized shrimp. I really liked the pancakes it came with – nice and thin. Steve liked his Kung Pao Pork. He said it had more pork, but less veggies than East Asia in Somerville (his to-go Chinese place). I'll let you decide if more meat and less vegetables is a good or bad thing. The scallion pancakes were fried well enough to maintain a crispy exterior despite the drive home.


Here's a funny side note – there's a section of the menu entitled Son-In-Law Special. There is only one dish listed - Mediterranean Chicken Wrap. Guess their daughter married a white boy.

Tags: cambridge, chinese, restaurant review
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