gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Farm Grill, Newton

Farm Grill is a cafeteria style Greek restaurant in Newton; You can peruse all the tasty offerings in the large glass case and order at the register. Your food will come to you on a tray. There was four of us there for a post mini-golf dinner (R won) and lots of standard Greek fare was ordered: lamb kabobs, pastitiso, taramasalata, eggplant salad, grape leaves, potatoes and squash. It was all good; about the same, or slightly better than food at the ubiquitous summer Greek festivals. However, one dish stood out, the octopus salad. It was amazing; sliced thick, and marinated in olive oil and lemon. It achieved the perfect texture, a satisfying chew, without being rubbery, and a happy balance of oil and acid. I finished the portion that came on my appetizer sampler plate and contemplated getting another order to take home for later.

Farm Grill is in Newton (, and the octopus is worth the drive.

Tags: newton, restaurant review
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