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Rendezvous, Cambridge

I promise to get to my French Laundry/ San Francisco post this weekend – it’s just that the vast quantity of food I consumed is overwhelming to think/write about. Meanwhile, Brian and I stopped by Rendezvous in Central Square after teaching bridge on Monday to take advantage of their After Work Tapas bar menu. They offer it from 5-10pm and the menu has over a dozen small plates ranging from $4 - $6 dollars – a nice little deal. We had:


Sautéed squid with chorizo with arroz negro

Mini-cassoulet of duck, pork and sausage

Fried oysters

Fried chickpeas.


The squid was the best of the brunch. It was tender and flavorful and the black rice was great surprise. I could polish off two orders for a meal. The fried oysters were also expertly fried and sweet. The cassoulet was uninteresting – just stew of random meat and the chickpeas were offensively salty. We also loved the bread basket: a Francese like bread and crisp flatbreads.


The service was okay, but not great. The bartender was less than interested in working at 9:30 on a Monday night. The place is still reminiscent of the Burger King it replaced with its setup and paint colors. I would certainly go there again after bridge. It’s a convenient bargain.

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