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Boston Burger Company, Somerville

Bri and I stopped in for a bite after teaching bridge on Monday. I’m sure they were not happy to see us (it was 20 minutes till closing), but the waitress was gracious and friendly. The menu is extensive – there over a dozen specialty burgers, not to mention 8 flavors of wings and 8 different chicken sandwiches (for the chicken people). Bri was feeling adventurous and got the Waikiki Burger (grilled pineapple, ham, bacon and teriyaki) and I got the Killer Bee (cheese, bacon, onions rings and honey BBQ sauce). I got the sauce on the side. The burgers were both cooked to a medium rare, and were appropriately juicy, but mine, despite all the stuff on it, did not seem to have much flavor. Bri really liked his burger, enjoying the sweet-salty combo of the meat and pineapple. The buns were grilled on one side, but still a little cold and squishy on the other side. The burgers come with thick, homemade chips and too-sweet baked beans. The chips were excellent, flirting in the edge of brunt.


We also ordered classic fries, which were huge, thick wedges. I loved the fries, and they were even better when I took home the leftovers, and reheated them, topped with a layer of cheese. Yum. I love cheese fries.


I think the burger is reasonable, but not outstanding, but I liked all variety of toppings. The prices range from $7.65 to $10 for a burger, which is not outrageous these days.


Food: B+
Service: A-
Value: B+
Overall: B+

Tags: burgers, restaurant review, somerville
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