gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Shangri-la, Belmont

I've posted before about the lack of real Chinese food in my life, other than when my mother loads me up with Tupperware containers of food. Tonight, the shameful craving for Americanized Chinese food hit. We went to Shangri-la in Belmont. The Globe just reviewed it, (

people on love it, and it's only a stone's throw away in Belmont, so I decided it was high time to try it. We got takeout (they don't deliver) and ordered General Gao's (for him) and Beef chow foon (for me). It was a 30 minute wait (not bad, given the crowd at the restaurant), and soon enough we were settled in front of the TV (House, season 3) and digging in. The General Gao's was pretty good, nice and crispy exterior, and tender interior. I thought the sauce was a little too thick, too sweet, and a touch too spicy (but I'm a wuss). My noodles were good, not too greasy, and lots of veggies (probably too many for my liking).

I think it's definitely worth another try, I got a menu so we might try the more Chinese items next time. I noticed they have jellyfish, which is a favorite of mine.

R's fortune was unique; “when it comes time to choose, pick the one on the right.”

Tags: belmont, restaurant review
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