gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Pho Viet, Allston

My obsession with the Bahn mi continues. I convinced two of my co-workers to go to Pho Viet to sample its Bahn mi, said to be the best in Boston by many. Pho Viet is one of many food stalls in the Super 88 supermarket food court.

I went with the grilled beef Bahn mi, and it was a tasty sandwich, but different from my beloved version from Hong Cuc in Lowell. The beef was tender enough and had good flavor, but I felt like it dominated the rest of the sandwich. Part of what I like about the Bahn mi is that it is an ensemble of flavors and textures– there are plenty of places for me to get a good beef sandwich. My co-worker tried the grilled pork and said that it was also delicious. Their spring rolls were flavorful and crispy, not at all oily.

Hong Cuc remains my favorite, but for $3.50, Pho Viet’s version is an excellent choice in the Boston area.

1095 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02228
(617) 562-8828
Tags: allston, restaurant review, sandwich
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