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American Craft, Brookline

American Craft is owned by the same people who own the Publick House, so there is an emphasis on craft beers – the list is varied and long. So, what happens when two non-beer drinks go for food? They have a pretty good meal. Amy and I stopped in for dinner after the gym and we shared 3 appetizers: mussels, zucchini fritters and pork short ribs and shared the chicken confit sandwich.


We both loved the mussels; they were steamed in a flavorful kaffir lime & coconut broth with jalapenos and cherry tomatoes afloat. The spicy honey glazed pork ribs were tender and had a nice kick; the pickled red cabbage helped to offset the sticky sweetness. The zucchini fritters were the least successful; the buttermilk dressing had very little flavor and the texture of zucchini was mushy.


People have raved about the chicken confit sandwich which has chicken thigh confit, crispy chicken skin, bacon and red onion jam. I thought it was an excellent chicken sandwich, but it’s still just a chicken sandwich.


Our service was inconsistent; we had to hunt him down for water, the check, etc. Plus, I shouldn’t need to wait 15 minutes to be seated when I have a reservation and there are empty tables.


I asked Amy for a blogworthy comment. “Tasty” is all I got.


Food: A-
Service: B
Value: B+
Overall: B+


Tags: brookline, gastropub, restaurant review
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