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Green Street, Cambridge

Green Street has been on my Go To list for the last couple of year and I finally made it there last week. Steve and I were seeing a show at the Middle East and he asked if there was anywhere in Central Sq. I wanted to go to. Why, yes, indeed there is.


A quick scan of the review revealed a general consensus that the cocktails were great, the food was meh. (Why was this place on my Go To list in the first place? I forget). I hate to say my experience was about the same. I had the steamed mussels and the broth was much too acidic. It paled in comparison to the all the mussels I’ve been having lately. I also ordered the Fry of the Day, which were pork croquettes. Steve liked the croquettes more than I did; he polished off 2 of the 3 in the order. I thought they had good crunch, but the inside texture was a little mushy for me.


Steve had the hanger steak. He thought it was okay, I think I liked it better than he did. My cocktail, Aqueduct: svedka vodka, orchard apricot liqueur, cointreau, and fresh lime juice was quite good. Bread was Iggy’s Francese and our service was fine. All in all, a perfectly fine meal, but if I’m in Central Sq, I’m heading over to Rendezvous for food.



Food: B
Service: B
Value: B
Overall: B

Tags: cambridge, restaurant review
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