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Bob's imported foods in Medford

Fate led me to Bob's. I have read several posts on about how great their subs are, and made a mental note to go sometime. It's on Main st. in Medford not too far from Bri's. I was attempting to go home after a late home visit, and Broadway in Somerville was blocked off, forcing me on to Medford St, which of course becomes Main St. once you cross the Somerville/Medford line. I realized that Somerville was doing their 4th of July fireworks tonight, at Trum field, hence the detour. I was on the phone with Natester, who helpfully looked up the addy for me and lo and behold, I was there.

Huge menu, cheap prices. I've been having an eggplant parm craving for days so I got a jumbo one. (I know, gluttonous, but it was only 6.50 vs 6.00 for the large, wouldn't you do the same?!?) Hubby loves veal parm so I got that for him (again, the jumbo, sigh). In retrospect, I should have gotten 2 subs that were a little more different from each other so that I could sample more of their repertoire,

I was overwhelmed, by the size and underwhelmed by the flavor. The eggplant was tough, not enough cheese to eggplant ratio, all together a disappointment. Hubby's veal was better, real fillets of veal, not ground veal patties, but still only ok. It was cheap and plentiful.

If fate steers me to Bob's again, I'll try the hot pastrami next.
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