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Puerto Rico

Christine and I had a girl’s weekend in Puerto Rico a few weeks ago. We stayed in the El San Juan, a lovely hotel in Isla Verde on PR’s northern coast. The hotel has the most beautiful lobby, an exquisitely landscaped pool and Jacuzzi area that is open 24/7 and a private beach where locals hawk delicious, hot empanadas for 2 bucks.


We tried 3 different restaurants – all serving traditional Puerto Rican fare. 2 were near the hotels: Meterpol and La Casita. Both were good, but not astounding. I think La Casita was the better of the two.


The third restaurant was Raices in Old San Juan and that is where I had the most phenomenal pork chop – Chuleta Kan Kan. It was described on the menu as a “super giant pork chop”  


It was huge – it easily fed me and Christine. The chop is deep fried and cooked on the bone with the skin on, so there is a layer of chicharrones. So delicious – the meat was juicy, tender and the outside was crunchy and crispy.

You can check out more pics at my Flickr site!

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