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Coppa, South End

Last Saturday was a beautiful summer day and I was stuck inside packing. Luckily, I had dinner at Coppa to look forward to. It’s been on my “go to” list for 2 years and I finally made it there. Steve and I arrived uber-early at 4:50pm to avoid a long wait and to give me a reason to stop packing earlier. We sat outside in the shade and it was lovely; there was a gentle breeze and it was perfect for people/dog watching. There must be a mandate that to live in the South End you must own a dog, because we saw 60+ dogs strolling by for their evening walk.


Coppa is a small, casual Italian eatery owned and helmed by Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette. The menu consists of a selection of small bar snacks, charcuterie, cheeses, pizzas, sides and a few main entrees. After some negotiation, we shared arancini, an arugula and fennel salad, a Salsiccia pizza and a tripe, beef tongue and pork belly stew with mozzarella.


I think I enjoyed my meal far more than Steve did. I liked the aranicni, whereas he thought that they were too big and not flavorful enough. We agreed that the salad was refreshing and delicious. The pizza was topped with sausage and ricotta (similar to the Sporkie at Bertucci’s), which I love, but he’s not a big ricotta fan. The stew was strictly for me, as he was not interested in trying the offal. I liked the stew, but it was too salty and too heavy for a warm summer evening.


The server was friendly, and the bread was served with a nice olive oil that had a hint of bitterness. We enjoyed our drinks, a cocktail for me and an oatmeal stout for him.


Food: A-
Service: B+
Value: B+
Overall: B+


Tags: italian, restaurant review, south end
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