gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Qingdao Garden, Cambridge

People are nuts about Qingdao Garden. It closed for renovations a while ago and the boards were all a twitter with “when is Qingdao opening again?!” threads. Well, it finally did reopen and Chucky and I went there one night when Greek Corner’s wait was 30 minutes.


Chucky got some hot and sour soup, I got the cold sesame noodles and we shared an order of famous homemade pork and leek dumplings. I thought the sauce on my noodles was bland and barely had any sesame flavor. The dumplings were quite good. The wrapper was tender (although, could have been a little thinner, less doughy), and the filling was flavorful. Chucky said he liked his soup.


We were one of two tables in the restaurant, so our service was prompt and attentive.

Tags: cambridge, chinese, restaurant review
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