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Floating Rock, Cambridge

Floating Rock was a beloved Cambodian restaurant in Revere and earlier this year, they packed up and moved to Central Square in Cambridge. Since the reviews are mixed – lots of people complaining about the high prices and the lack of heat in the dishes, I was pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed everything I had. 


Carol and I shared a variety of dishes: Fresh spring rolls, Tiger tear salad, Khmer noodle soup and Mee Ka Tang.


Fresh spring rolls – they were light and refreshing, with a nice dipping sauce


Tiger tear salad – This is one of the dishes they are known for. It is a cold salad of flank steak, red and green bell peppers, lemon grass, red onion, basil and roasted ground rice. It is a complex array of flavors and the roasted rice adds a great textural contrast. I really liked this dish.


Khmer noodle soup – It was like pho’s simpler cousin. The clear broth was chicken and nowhere near as rich and complex as the traditional pho beef broth. The pale pieces of chicken also doesn’t compare to all the cow parts I like floating in my soup. Nevertheless, it was hot and comforting; perfectly suited to the rainy, cold weather outside.


Mee Ka Tang – The parentheses said “chow foon”, but this is not like any Chinese chow foon I’ve encountered. The wide flat rice noodles were swimming in sauce. If I accept the premise that the noodles were supposed to be that heavily sauced, then the dish was quite good. The sauce was flavorful and delicious and the Chinese broccoli added a bitter counterpoint. The pork was tender and well seasoned.


We were only 1 of 3 occupied tables in the restaurant, so our waitress was very attentive, friendly and helpful in explaining the different dishes. I can’t comment on the lack of heat, as I’m a spice wuss. The prices are higher than you would expect - $16 for the Tiger tear salad.


Food: B+
Service: A-
Value: B-
Overall: B+

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