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Pinkberry, Cambridge (plus locations nationwide)

Blame it on Larry David and my friend Christine – I had to try Pinkberry, a new take on that 80’s classic – frozen yogurt. It’s been in LA for a while and made famous by people like Lindsay Lohan and the cast of the Hills, but that was hardly enough to pique my interest when Pinkberry finally landed in NE last year. But, last Thursday, I watched an episode of the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm that was all about bringing coconut Pinkberry to a dog for its last meal. Coincidentally, the next day, Christine raved about it at lunch; It was a sign. I organized a Pinkberry run for Friday.

Prices are cheaper than you would expect for a trendy FroYo – $2.75 for a small original flavor, $3.50, if you want toppings. There are tons of toppings, ranging from fresh fruits to cereals and baked goods. If you order toppings, you can have as many different kinds as you like, as long as it fits in the bowl. As for flavors, there are only 5-6: original, chocolate and a handful of seasonal flavors. The website listed a salted caramel, but they were out so I got a very boring original with no toppings. I figured I would try it in its purest form. The frozen concoction was smooth, creamy with a tang that is somewhat akin to Greek yogurt.  I really liked it and at 100 calories for a ½ cup serving, I can see why it’s exploded in popularity. Allison got the fruit and granola parfait which was a bargain at $4. My friend Joanne got the chocolate with heath bar topping and loved it so much she attempted to go back over the weekend for more but was deterred by the line out the door.

I did go back the next night and got a mango with 4 different toppings, my favorite of which was mochi, a chewy Japanese rice cake. I think I prefer the original flavor. I see many more Pinkberry runs in my

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