gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

M&M Ribs, Dorchester

Yes, it’s a food truck parked in an abandoned lot in Dorchester and yes, it’s been on my Go To list for years. I finally convinced my friend Billy to trek in to Dorchester with me for their renown pork ribs. The prices are cheap (it is a parking lot) - for $11.00 you get pork ribs (you have to come on a fri/sat if you want beef) and 2 sides. I had collards and mac and cheese.
Mixed review on the ribs – Billy thought they were soggy, probably due to the 15 minute drive back to the office. I didn’t think it was soggy, but oversauced. The ribs were fall off the bone tender, which is not necessarily a plus in my book. I did really like my sides. Christine got the BBQ chicken and really enjoyed it.
Billy wants to go back and eat it there (in the parking lot) for a more precise assessment. I want to go back for the beef ribs and the fried chicken wings.

Tags: bbq, boston, dorchester, restaurant review
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