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Yella Grille, Andover

Down a small one way street in Andover Center, you’ll find Yella, a “modern Mediterranean Grille” serving Lebanese – inspired cuisine. Steve and I had dinner there this past weekend with his friends, Steven and Julie. Julie had eaten at Yella the previous week and really enjoyed it, so she wanted to return.
We started with the mezza platter, an assortment of: Meat Pies, Grape Leaves, Spinach Pies, Falafel, Babaganouj & homemade pita chips. The grape leaves were spiced with cinnamon, which was unusual but worked nicely. Steve really liked the spinach pies, and the falafel was perfect crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. We also had the chicken wings; they were seasoned with lemon, garlic and cilantro. I thought they were great – crispy and flavorful.
I got the tangerine braised short ribs, which were tender, but no hint of tangerine what so ever. Steve got the pan seared scallops, which he liked, but I thought they were slightly overcooked. Steven and Julie got the lamp chops and they enjoyed them immensely. All were served over a truffled risotto which Juile really loved.
I had a small piece of baklava for dessert; it was a perfectly reasonable square of phyllo, nuts and syrup, but nothing extraordinary. The crepe stuffed with strawberries & Nutella was far better. It was paired with a pistachio gelato.
The service was attentive and the owner came to our table to say hello and she recognized Julie from the previous visit; it contributed to the warm and friendly atmosphere of the restaurant. I don’t know Andover at all but if you are in the area, Yella would be a nice place to stop and try some new and different Mediterranean flavors.
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