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Zo, Boston

I had a delicious gyro at the Greekfest in Somerville this weekend and when I mentioned it at lunch, my friend Deirdre told me about Zo, a tiny, lunch only, Greek restaurant across from Government Center. She heard that they serve the best gyros in Boston. Well, certainly I had to check it out, so I dubbed today “International Thursday”, told everyone to plan accordingly and did a gryo run for lunch.
The menu is small; 3 of us got the original gryo (which is curiously pork, not the traditional lamb and beef), 3 got the chicken gyro and Carol got the lone salad. The gyro got rave reviews all around (other than Azelene who felt that the chicken was too salty and on the dry side (but she asked for no yogurt-cucumber sauce, so that really her own fault)). I thought that the meat was flavorful, the sauce was thick and creamy and the bread was sturdy enough to contain the large sandwich, but still tender. Joanne said that it was delicious and it had her Greek stamp of approval on it. I also got a side order of spinach pie which was excellent; the phyllo remained crispy and flaky and the filling was moist and flavorful – not an easy balance to achieve.
The gyros are $7, the spinach pie was $4. I will most certainly return for another International Thursday.

Tags: boston, greek, international thursdays, restaurant review
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