gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

PB Boulangerie Bistro, Wellfleet

What’s a French bakery and bistro doing in a tucked away corner of the cape? I’m told that the bakery opens at 7am, but people start lining up at 6am to be the first in line. Could the rumors of authentic Parisian pastries including perfect, flaky, buttery croissants be true? It was too much to hope for, but a weekend in Eastham gave me the opportunity to find out.
The good news is that at 3 in the afternoon there were only a few people in line ahead of me, the bad news was they were out of the chocolate croissants. No matter – I made do with 2 plain croissants, bacon cheese bread, a tarte au citron and a baba au rhum. Baba au rhum is a rum soaked cake filled with whipped cream. It was moist and delicious while the lemon tart was bright, sweet and tart - both were wonderful. The croissants were good, but did not have the shattering crisp exterior I remember so fondly from my trip to Paris. However, I blame the damp sea air for that. The bacon cheese bread was excellent; it made wonderful toast the next morning.
In addition to the bakery, there is also a bistro that serves lunch and dinner that people also seem to love. I would highly recommend checking it out if you are on the cape.
Tags: bakery, cape cod, restaurant review
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