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Umbria Prime, Financial District

I got to see the Stanley Cup this weekend. I’m told that it’s bad luck to touch it – it jinxes your chances of winning it, but I’m not terribly worried about it ruining my hopes. What does this have to do with food? Not much, but its cool enough that I wanted to share it. That and it meant we were in the Financial District for dinner.
Along with Steve’s mother and sister, we went to Umbria Prime. It’s funny – it's an Italian restaurant specializes in serving prime, dry aged beef, but none of us got steak. The closest we got was the Kobe beef meatballs that Kathryn got with her spaghetti.
We started with bibb lettuce and radicchio salads, which were fine, but not terribly interesting. I got the pappardelle with wild boar ragu and it was delicious. Umbria makes all the pastas in house and the noodles had the perfect, silky toothsome texture that homemade pasta has. The boar in the ragu was so meaty, it could have been short rib in disguise. I really enjoyed it. Steve had the risotto special – he liked it, but I thought it was a touch underdone. Steve’s mother, Joyce, loved the lobster ravioli and the aforementioned Kobe meatballs were well liked.
Our service was attentive, but that’s not really fair to evaluate as our waiter, Antonio, has known Joyce for years. The prices are high, salads are $10 - $16, and the pastas are in the low to mid-twenties range. The steak is quite pricy – a 32oz porterhouse will set you back $65. I know that prime, dry aged meat is expensive, but the porterhouse for two at Peter Luger runs $88 and there is no way Umbria can surpass Luger. Although, I did see that the steak were accompanied by roasted bone marrow, which is always a good thing.
Food: A-
Service: A
Value: B
Overall: B+

Tags: boston, italian, restaurant review
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