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Olecito, Cambridge

International Thursdays are becoming a favorite part of my week. As soon as the meal is over, the conversation about what we should have next week starts. This week was Mexican from Olecito, a small take out spot from the owners for Ole, across the street. Ole is known for their authentic, interior Mexican cuisine. The menu is predominantly tortas (a Mexican style sandwich on telera bread), but there are also burritos, tacos, salads and quesadillas.
I had the Cubano torta (braised pork, ham, prosciutto, pickles, jack cheese and chipotle mayo). It was a delicious combination of flavors, with very tender, moist pork. I’m really beginning to like spicy mayos. Joanne loved the Yucteca (braised pork with guajillo chile, pickled onions, avocado sauce, queso fresco, pinto bean spread, lettuce, and chipotle sauce.) Kathy declared her Piolin torta (Adobo marinated chicken, pinto bean spread, chipotle mayonnaise, Jalapeño cheese, lettuce, tomatoes) “the best sandwich I ever had.” But she did say that about Canteen last week, so she may be prone to superlatives.
The service is speedy and friendly; the tortas are all $7.25 and the burritos are $6.50. There is easy parking with a public lot across the street.

Tags: cambridge, international thursdays, mexican, restaurant review
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