gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

FuLoon, Malden

I've blogged before about how we seldom go out of Chinese food, but there have been numerous posts on about how great FuLoon in Malden is, and it was right on the way home after the movie (Superbad, you have to see it. It's cringetasically funny.)

The restaurant was virtually empty when we walked in (it was 9:20, they close at 10), so service was quick and efficient. R and I were with Justin (one of those annoying vegetarians) so we didn't get to try any of the meat selections. We ordered the jellyfish appetizer (good jellyfish, but served in a vinegary, spicy sauce, which is different), watercress w/ garlic (very good, not too oily, very close to my mother's), a whole steamed fish and white rice for all. The fish was cooked perfectly, sweet and tender, covered in garlic, scallions and soy.

We will have to go back and try the tea smoked duck, along with other meat dishes soon.

Tags: malden, restaurant review
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