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Max and Leo’s, Newton

I really think pizza is a universally loved food. I mean, who doesn’t like pizza? Freaks, mostly. My perfect pizza has a thin, well done, flavorful crispy crust, highly quality toppings and sauce that is a perfect balance between sweet and tart.
A recent thread on chowhound alerted me to a new pizzeria in Newton Centre; twin brothers that moved an 8000 pound coal oven from California. Now, I don’t know why they couldn’t build one from local materials, but this oven gets up to 900+ degrees and super high temperatures are essential for a good crust.
Steve and I shared the L’enza (sausage and mushroom). The pizza was delicious. The crust was excellent – all the attributes that I listed above and the toppings and cheese was plentiful and flavorful. Steve agreed that the pizza was really good and he enjoyed his glass of pinot.
The restaurant is tiny; there are two two-tops and a bar area, but I believe they are expanding in to the space next door. The prices are quite reasonable. A margarita costs $10 and the specialty pizzas with toppings like pulled pork from Blue Ribbon or grilled fajita chicken will run you up to $15. Our waitress was scattered, but friendly.
Max and Leo’s a definite must if you are in the area.
Tags: newton, pizza, restaurant review
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