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Biryani Park, Malden

My friend Brian was looking for new and interesting places for him and his girlfriend to try. I suggested Biryani Park, a new Sri Lankan restaurant that was recently reviewed in the Globe. They went and he loved it – raved on and on about the food. So it was an easy pick for dinner, after a doggie playdate with Peggi and Zelda’s mom, sister and nephew.
We arrived at 5pm and, as expected, the place was empty. Our waitress was friendly and suggested that we try string hoppers, a traditional Sri Lankan dish of rice noodles curled into flat spiral disks and sesame chicken along with the goat biryani and the gobi Manchurian we ordered.
The string hoppers were a disappointment; the noodles were soft and bland and really just a vehicle for the chutneys they were served with. The gobi Manchurian (fried cauliflower fritters) and the sesame chicken were visually indistinguishable from one another - both being too spicy. They were battered, fried lumps in coated in a red sauce.
The highlight of the meal was certainly the goat biryani. There were nice tender chunks of goat in perfectly seasoned and cooked basmati rice.
The waitress was attentive and continued to fill the water glasses, which was important as the spice level was higher than requested. The prices were reasonable. There is no décor to speak of.
I think that it’s always interesting to try new cuisines, but Sri Lankan isn’t going to replace Italian anytime soon. Malden seems to be exploding with brand new restaurants. There is a Moroccan place that is next on my list.

String Hoppers
Goat Biryani
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