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A tale of two Greek Bakeries: 3 Little Figs, Somerville and Loukoumaki Bakery, Arlington

3 Little Figs is a new, small but charming Greek Bakery in Somerville. It is painted in Mediterranean blue and white, and there are a few tables for dine in. They sell a small selection of Greek-inspired foods: sandwiches, cookies, pastries, homemade granola and a “Best Ever” spinach pie. I stopped in for the spinach pie and also tried a fig and pear scone ($2.50). The scone was fairly moist and had lovely chunks of fig and fresh pear. I still prefer the fig and vanilla scone at Petsi’s, but this one was a solid rendition. The spinach pie was pricey at $6, but it was a generous portion. The phyllo was light and flaky on top, but slightly soggy on the bottom. The filling has a tart flavor (lemon?) that is not traditional, but not unwelcomed. Was it the best ever? Certainly not, but good enough that I would certainly stop in to try one of their sandwiches, if I was in the area.
Loukoumaki Bakery was a stark contrast to 3 Little Figs. It is a dark, haphazard, semi industrial space. The woman almost snorted when I ordered the spinach pie – “You have to get here early for that, honey” I ended up with some baklava and ravani (a cornmeal cake). The ravani tasted like dense cornbread soaked in syrup. I thought it was much too sweet. The baklava was good, but not amazing.
So, in the cage match between these two bakeries, hands down the winner is 3 Little Figs.

3 Little Fig's Spinach Pie
Spinach pie from 3 Little Figs
Tags: bakery, dessert, greek, restaurant review
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