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Fresh Pond Seafood, Arlington

Fresh Pond Seafood used to be a run down shanty by the rotary on Fresh Pond Parkway. Apparently Julia Child used to be a regular customer. But now it’s picked up and moved into a nice, new, shiny location in Arlington.
Alex wanted some seafood while he was visiting, especially fried clams. Clam box is closed till March, so a trek to Ipswich was out. A quick scan of yielded some promising results, including Fresh Pond Seafood. The space is everything you want your fish market to be: clean, bright, well organized. The display of the day’s catch was tempting, especially the thick filets of swordfish. You order at the counter and there are 3 tables to enjoy your take out at, or bring it home. We shared the lobster roll ($19) and the ubiquitous Fisherman’s platter ($18). The roll was overflowing with big chucks of lobster tossed in mayo on a hot griddled buttered bun. There was no filler lettuce to be found. The platter included clams, scallops, shrimp, haddock and fries. The haddock was tender and flaky, and the shrimp were large and flavorful. Sadly, the clams were small and the scallops lacked flavor. Both the lobster roll and the platter came with fries, but they were excellent, so we didn’t mind the abundant amount. Alex thought it was pricey, but he’s from NY, so what does he know?

Tags: arlington, restaurant review, seafood
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