gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Helmand, Cambridge

Over a decade ago, Rafi and I dined at Helmand. He went to the bathroom and believes that he saw a drug deal go down. He refused to ever return, which was a shame because Helmand serves delicious affordable Afghani food with an excellent bread basket, hot from the oven. It is also very vegetarian friendly, so I decided to revisit it with my vegan friend Danny.

I had the Qabelee – classic Afghani rice dish with lamb, carrots and raisins. The chunks of lamb were extremely tender and the sweetness of the carrots and raisins hit the sweet/savory spot that I love. Danny had the Sabzi Challow – a rice dish with spinach and mushrooms. I didn’t try it, but he seemed to enjoy it, cleaning his plate. There were no vegan friendly desserts, so we skipped that in favor of making our own vegan chocolate cake.

Our service was quiet, but efficient, and they kept the lovely warm flatbread coming. It’s an excellent choice after an afternoon shopping at the mall.

Food: A-
Service: B+
Value: A-
Overall: A-

Tags: afghani, cambridge, restaurant review
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