gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Island Creek Oyster Bar, Kenmore Sq.

I’ve been trying to get to ICOB for months, but the reservations are difficult to get, unless you would like to dine at 5pm or 10pm, or wait 2 hours for a seat at the bar.  Steve and I finally got a 6pm reservation last night and I’m happy to report to it was worth the wait.

I had the lobster roe noodles, a dish that people are touting as ICOB signature. I think “roe” in the title scared Steve, he wouldn’t even try a bite, but I think the roe is just incorporated in to the pasta. The tender noodles were tossed with lobster, mushrooms, short rib, and Brussels sprouts. I thought the pasta was great, bursting with such meaty flavor from all the components, although I did think the Brussels were out of place, almost extraneous.  Steve had the halibut and declared it “outstanding.” I was pleased that his fish wasn’t overcooked.

We shared 3 sides: Brussels sprouts, fries and a buttermilk biscuit. I thought the biscuit was excellent, painted with honey and rosemary butter. They achieved a flaky pie crust bottom while maintaining a tender interior. I enjoyed the fries as well, but I think the Brussels sprouts were a little bland, even with the addition of Tasso ham.

We shared a key lime parfait for dessert. It was all the components of key lime pie layered in a sundae glass, which meant the ratio of everything was off. I would have liked far more graham cracker and less whipped cream. The filling was appropriately tart and tangy.

My cocktail was delicious and the bread basket was excellent (and it came with honey butter). Our service was attentive, but not disruptive. People are always asking where to go for seafood when visiting Boston, now I can send them to ICOB (if they can get a reservation).

Food: A-
Service: A-
Value: A-
Overall: A-

Tags: boston, restaurant review, seafood
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