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Simply Khmer, Lowell

As you know, work sometimes brings me to the Lowell area and when it does, I go to Hong Cuc and have my favorite Banh Mi sandwich. Last year, a Cambodian woman was raving about Simply Khmer and how great their food is. I thought, “that’s nice, but if I’m in Lowell, I’m getting a Banh Mi.” But, I made note of it, just in case.

Today, I spent all day in Lowell, requiring not one, but two meals in the area. Honestly, it did cross my mind to return to Hong Cuc (I do love that sandwich), but I decided that I should take this opportunity to try Simply Khmer. It’s been on my radar recently, as Andrew Zimmern went there on the Boston episode of Bizarre Foods.

The waitress recommended the loc lac, a classic Cambodian dish of cubed stir-fried beef with a lime dipping sauce. It is served with raw red onions, cucumbers, lettuce and white rice. I thought it was delicious – the meat was tender, crispy and flavorful, although not particularly unique. The lime sauce is what made distinguished the dish from similar Chinese dishes.

The lunch specials were all $7.50, and the Cambodian soups look like a steal at $5 a pop. There are yelp reviews that complain about the slow and rude service, but I had no such issues.

Really, when in Lowell, get a banh mi, but if you are in need of a second meal, Simply Khmer is a good choice.

Tags: cambodian, lowell, restaurant review
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