gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Southern Kitchen, New Market VA

Off I go to another Bridge nationals - but before I hit the table in Memphis, there is 1350 miles and 6 states to drive through with my friends Kim, Robin and their 3 dogs (Puga, Pixie and Cindy). Lunch was just packed sandwiches eatern while driving, but dinner was at Southern Kitchen, a diner that hasn't changed since the 50's. They are known for their fried chicken and for good reason. It was so perfectly crispy, crunchy and moist. Why can't we do this up north?!

We also enjoyed their "award-winning peanut soup" (eh, it was a little like liquid peanut butter) and fried green beans (you gotta have your veg). The sides of buttered beets were good, and the fresh sliced home fries were excellent.

9576 S Congress St
New Market, VA 22844
(540) 740-3514

Tags: restaurant review, virginia
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