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Strip – T’s, Watertown

Let’s put aside the silly name. Strip – T’s is a small restaurant near the Arsenal Mall in Watertown. It’s been around forever serving classic American fare – basic sandwiches, meatloaf and the like. Last year, the owner’s son, Tim Maslow, came home to help the run the restaurant and has turned the dinner menu upside down. He trained at the French Culinary Institute and is an alumni of the Momofuku empire in NY.

I went with Kim and Robin after the Watertown tournament. The wait was 35 minutes at 7pm on a Saturday night. They take “limited” reservations during the busy times.

Kim and I shared the gravy fries (poutine), japanese eggplant banh mi, and the chicken and waffles. Robin got the fish and chips. The poutine was okay – the fries had a weird texture, like they were baked, not fried, but the gravy was spicy and the provolone was sharp. I was concerned that I would be disappointed by the banh mi, after all, I have yet to find a version that is superior to the one in Lowell. There was no need to be concerned; the sandwich was excellent. The tofu and eggplant melded with the pickled veggies to create a symphony of harmonious flavors. Kim, who is not a fan of vegetables, even enjoyed it. Robin's fish was lightly fried and tender and flaky. He loved it. 

Since Memphis, I’ve been hankering for more fried chicken and I’ve read great things about the chicken and waffles. The fried chicken was pretty good, albeit greasy. Now, it was no Gus’s (but what is?), but it was moist, well seasoned and crispy. The waffle was outstanding. There’s nothing I hate more than a soggy waffle and this exterior was light and crisp. Paired with real maple syrup, it was the best waffle I’ve had in ages.

Dessert was a misguided chocolate shiitake pot de crème. The mushroom flavor was overpowering the chocolate, but I did like the contrast of the sourdough croutons. This dessert was a classic “I’m a chef with no pastry knowledge, so here’s my attempt at a fancy dessert,” failure.

The prices are extremely affordable – all entrees were under $20. Robin liked the beer selection. Our server was a bit harried with crowded dining room, but was friendly.

Food: A-
Service: B+
Value: A
Overall: A-

Tags: new american, restaurant review, watertown
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