gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Crumbs Bake Shop, Boston

The cupcake craze continues and the latest entry in the Boston area is Crumbs Bake Shop. Kim and I met at the small shop a block away from South Station on Marathon Monday. We sat basking in the warm summer-like weather as we shared an assortment of 12 mini cupcakes in their bestselling flavors. Kim took notes on every one, so maybe she will want to post her thoughts.  Here are my general impressions: the cupcakes are inconsistent – some are moist, while others are dry, I hated the use of sprinkles – they added an artificial, plastic taste. My favorite was the raspberry swirl, the oreo cookie and vanilla coconut. I was very disappointed by the dulce de leche, which we had to purchase separately since it wasn’t in the assortment pack.

The cupcakes are pricey – the pack was $21 and the individual cupcakes, which are quite large, are $4. I don’t think that it’s worth a special trek, but if you are in the area and the line isn’t out the door, it’s a decent place to get a sugar fix.

Tags: boston, dessert, restaurant review
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