gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Saus, Boston

After the Hunger Games, Amy and I were appropriately hungry, so we hit Saus, a Belgian fry and waffle shop near Faneuil Hall. There is a tremendous variety of dipping sauces for the fries, which were good, but not amazing. We had a bacon parm sauce and vampire slayer, an intensely garlic mayo. I really enjoyed both. The waffles came drenched in sauce – lemon cream for me and nutella for Amy. Next time I will ask for the sauces on the side, because there is nothing I hate more than a soggy waffle. The lemon cream was really nice: bright, sweet and tart.  I think the waffle at Strip-T’s was better.

The large fries were $7 and the waffles were $3.75. Dipping sauces were .75 cents. They are open till 2am on the weekends which is great, but good luck with the impossible parking.

Tags: boston, restaurant review
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