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I really do love NY. Every time I go for the weekend I consider how great it would be to move back there. I think the food has a lot to do with it. It was an all Chinese food weekend (minus the obligatory Sunday am bagels).

Savor Fusion, Flushing

On Friday, Wendy and Shane took me to Savor Fusion, a mini Chinese food court of sorts with 8 stalls, each specializing in different regional cuisine of China. We tried:

Salt and Pepper chicken: This was outstanding – plump, tender morsels of chicken, fried and flavorful with the salt and pepper coating. If only this is what McNuggets tasted like.

Pork skin in garlic sauce – I know that this will gross out the majority of you, but believe me, it was delicious. The skin was crunchy and springy and the sauce was luscious and garlicky. I love that Shane, a white boy from Iowa picked this dish.

Lamb burritos – Grilled lamb, seasoned with cumin wrapped peppers and onions in the same pancake you use for moo shu. I don’t think of lamb and cumin as Chinese, but in the north, it is more common.

Hand pulled noodle and beef soup – I love the texture and springiness of hand pulled noodles. There is a toothsome bite that Barilla can’t compete with.

Bacon noodles – more hand pulled noodle goodness, this time with minced pork belly. Yum.

Grand Restaurant, Flushing

My litmus test for dim sum is always the har gao. These were excellent; the skins were thin and translucent filled with 2 large shrimp that were plump and tender. The rest of the dishes were also quite good, the tea was hot and the carts came in a steady stream – all important things when eating dim sum.

I got to babysit Waverly on Saturday night and luckily for me, she is a 3 ½ year old who knows and loves her Chinese food. We went to Nan Xiang Dumpling House and we shared some scallion pancakes, Shanghai fried udon noodles and I had some pork and crab soupl dumplings (Xiao Long Bao).

The scallion pancakes were unbelievably light and crispy, with lots of scallions and not at all greasy. The udon noodles were delicious and I watched with delight as Waverly slurped them up. The soup dumplings were excellent as well. I managed to only tear one dumpling, losing the precious broth.

The whole meal cost a whooping $21. As Steve would say, Waverly is a “cheap date,”

Laudree, Upper East Side

Okay, so it wasn’t an all Asian weekend. My love of French macarons has not faded and since we didn’t get to Laudree last time, I made it a priority to get there this time. I got a box of 6 including: pistachio, almond, salted caramel, raspberry, coffee and vanilla. They were exquisite, everything a macaron should be. At $3 a pop, they should be.

Bagel Oasis, Queens

I didn’t feel like driving in to the city on Sunday morning, but luckily Bagel Oasis is a quick ride from Wendy and Shane’s. Was it as good as the now defunct H&H? Nope. Was it still far better than any bagel I’m getting in Boston? Yup. I brought home a ½ dozen to sustain me till next time.

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