gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Soulfire, Allston

There seems to be an influx of BBQ lately – the number of BBQ restaurants I need to try are piling up and Steve is no help (how can he not like barbeque?!). Yesterday, I finally got to try Soulfire, a large BBQ joint in Allston. There have been mixed reviews, but my friend Billy really likes it. I figured the 3 meat combo platter (I chose spareribs, brisket and pulled pork and collards and mac and cheese for my 2 sides) was a good way to get a taste of everything. I was pleasantly surprised – the ribs were the best of the bunch, moist, tender and good meaty flavor. The brisket wasn’t too dry and the pulled pork would make an excellent sandwich. The collards were a little sweet for me, but the mac and cheese was first-rate. The platter was huge and reasonably prices at $19. I wish they had beef ribs, but until they do, my search for my favorite BBQ joint continues on. I miss Uncle Pete’s.
Tags: allston, bbq, restaurant review
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