gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

A fallen star

It is no secret to anyone who has had a meal with me that Peter Lugar Steak House in Brooklyn, NY is where I would want my last supper to be. ( No trip to NY is scheduled without making a reservation there for a meal of dry aged, prime porterhouse steak (for two). So when I saw the New York Times reviewed it for today in this weeks dining section and demoted it to 2 stars from 3 (back in 1995 from Ruth Reichl) I was stunned. The NYT reviewer is Frank Bruni, a reviewer and food writer I have great respect for. I even read his blog daily:


So I read the review with fear; what happened to the gatekeepers of glorious carnivore heaven? You can read it for yourself:


I was so relived after reading it; Bruni complains about the atmosphere, the dour service, the over-sweetness of the sauce, the blandness of the tomatoes, he even complains about the salad. But honestly, who cares? The meat is still the zenith that all steaks should aspire to be. It’s the reason I’m driving 217 miles, not the salad. In fact, I think it’s time to plan my next rip to NY.


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