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Firebrand Saints, Cambridge - Kendall Sq

I was hoping that Firebrand Saints would be a feasible alternative to John Harvard’s. After all, it’s close to MIT, the kitchen is open till 11pm and there’s a good beer list – all important features for our weekly post-bridge gathering. Brian and I went there to celebrate the conclusion of our 5th year of teaching the novice bridge class at MIT. It’s the end of an era.

The space is trying very hard to be hip – including graffiti art on the walls and an annoying TV “art installation” that results in having to sit in a specific area if you want to watch the one TV (out of 5) that is actually showing the game. The music was blaring, which was obnoxious given the late hour and the 5 other patrons in the restaurant.

But, ambiance and stupid name aside, I really enjoyed my porchetta sandwich ($12). The meat was tender and packed with flavor, and the grilled bread added great crunch. I loved the cucumber and red onion pickles. Bri’s lamb and sirloin burger had decent flavor, but the patty was quite small and dwarfed by the brioche roll. It was sized somewhere between a slider and a real burger. Overpriced at $9, especially when we had to order fries a la carte ($3). The fries were large potato wedges, well seasoned and crusty but again, another small potion.  

My search for a JH replacement continues…

Tags: cambridge, gastropub, restaurant review
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