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Happy's, Fenway

Michael Schlow adds to his restaurant empire with the opening of Happy’s, a stone’s throw from Fenway Park, making it a convenient pre-game stop.

The description on the website is verbose:

“A casual, unpretentious, upbeat, full-service restaurant, Happy’s serves the greatest hits everyone craves at breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night.

The recipe is simple: take the warmth and comfort of your local neighborhood joint, combine it with the quality, service, and execution of a really good American restaurant, add the hipness of an urban, cool lounge, throw in some TVs for enjoying game day, shake well and you’ve got Happy’s.”

It’s basically a mish mash of things Schlow likes to eat, from lasagna to fried chicken and ramen.

Steve, Bryan, Kerry and I had dinner there before a Sox game. It had just opened a week and a half ago and it’s clear the restaurant is still getting its legs. The early press promised boozy milkshakes and an amazing pastrami sandwich, neither of which were on the menu. I asked about them and got, “sorry, we are still working on the recipes,” as a reply. Kerry wanted to know how the oysters were that day, but they were out of those as well. The 1-lb meatball I’ve heard so much about? It’s a Tuesday only special, sorry.

So, what was available? Kerry enjoyed her soft shell crab appetizer, but thought the duck in her duck taco was dry. I have to agree. Steve ordered the pork chop with cherry peppers, sausage and potatoes. I thought it was okay, and he finished it, but when asked how it was he just shrugged and shook his head. I had the WOWburger, which is essentially the same as the award winning Radius one with crispy onions, cheddar and horseradish-black pepper sauce. No complaints about the burger – it was tasty and I enjoyed the fries. Bryan had the lasagna and seemed to enjoy it, but I didn’t try it.

Our waiter was sweet, but a little green. Kerry asked for a cocktail recommendation and he confidently suggested one and then sheepishly admitted it was the only one he has tried.

I think that once Happy’s gets the kinks worked out, it will be a good place to meet for a drink and a bite before (or after) the game. For now, I’ll need to get my pastrami sandwich and milkshake elsewhere.

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