gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Beware of chowder?


It all started out very innocently; I was at work on Monday and popped a bowl of clam chowder in to the microwave to reheat. 3.5 minutes, like normal. It dinged, I opened the door, reached in, putting a spoon in it to stir and BANG. There was a loud pop and the soup exploded all over me. Screaming and shrieking ensued. I spent the rest of the afternoon with ice packs and aloe. I slept with one taped to my hands. Two days later, I’m blistered and scarred, but not in pain (unless I touch it).


Now, I have read about this microwave phenomenon of superheating before, but I think it was just one of those silly, urban legend, spam emails. But on, a site dedicated to debunking urban myth they proclaimed the legend of superheating, “true, rare.”


Please note the sentence that states “Odds are you’ll go through life without ever viewing this phenomenon first hand, and if you are one of the rare few who do get to see it, you will likely not be harmed by the experience.”


I guess I’m just that special.

Tags: tidbits
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