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75 Chestnut, Beacon Hill

“I’m surprised this is on your to go to list – the menu is so unadventurous,” Steve said as he perused the entrees at 75 Chestnut. The list includes a burger, roasted chicken breast, grilled salmon, steak tips, grilled pork chop and pasta with veggies, nary a piece of offal in sight. He’s right, there’s nothing unique, avert-grade or even terrible interesting about 75 Chestnut; it’s a small restaurant on a side street off of Charles St. But that’s okay, not every meal needs to be filled with liver and foams, sometimes you want classic, uncomplicated food that doesn’t require a food dictionary.

We started with the 75 Chestnut tower, sampler of garlic bread, fried calamari and pumpkin ravioli. The garlic bread was made from the same crusty baguette that was in the bread basket, so I enjoyed that. I though the calamari was good, although a tad chewy and not enough tentacle pieces for me (my favorite part). Steve enjoyed the ravioli, but I was unimpressed. In fact, until I looked up the menu to write the Flog, I did not know it was pumpkin ravioli – what does that tell you about the flavor?

I had the steamed mussels with chorizo. The dish was salty, made even worse by the tough salty rounds of chorizo. But the mussels were plump and not over cooked. Steve definitely won the entrée battle with his porterhouse pork chop; I thought it was tender and flavorful.

Our server was quite attentive and I liked the red grapefruit martini she suggested. The prices are quite reasonable – most entrées are around $20, only the steaks hovering around $25. Other reviews mention it’s a good romantic date locale, which I can see, if it’s a quiet Tuesday night, but on a busy Saturday, it can get loud.

5 down on my 2012 list, 10 more to go!

Tags: boston, new american, restaurant review
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