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Philly Eats, Part II – Reading Terminal Market

I really loved the Reading Terminal Market – a hybrid of a farmer’s market, food court, and a large group of Pennsylvania Dutch establishments. There was not a day that went by that I didn’t mender over for meal, snack or a treat. I managed to try an astounding number of places over the course of ten days.

In no particular order:

Dienner’s Bar-B-Q Chicken – I sat next to some people eating some tasty looking fried chicken. I found out later it was probably from Dienner’s. I got one fried wings and one rotisserie. Both were good, but over seasoned.

Beiler’s Bakery – I had one of their famous Amish sticky buns. The smell from the warm cinnamon roll is hard to resist. The topping was good, but I found it a little doughy.

Dutch Eating Place – it’s not the most original of names but they made excellent breakfast sandwiches and the best home fries. They were so good; Steve deviated from his standard Dunkin’ Donut toasted bagel breakfast for a $1.75 order of potato deliciousness.

Smucker’s Quality Meats & Grill – I liked my sausage egg and cheese sandwich, but I think Dutch Eating Place is far superior.

Sweet as Fudge Candy Shoppe – I tried their dark chocolate caramel sea salt fudge. I thought it was quite good.

Tootsie’s Salad Express – After a week of indulging and nary a vegetable in sight, I went to this unexciting salad bar. I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you are really desperate for roughage.

12th Street Cantina – I got a pork carnitas burrito. They didn’t put sour cream or guac on it and they didn’t finish it on a press. Meh.

Beck’s Cajun Café – I read that the sandwiches were great, but my catfish po’boy was disappointing. The fish was fine, but the bread was tough and chewy.

Kamal’s Middle Eastern Specialties – I got a falafel wrap, and like my burrito it was meh.

Bassetts Ice Cream – I tried the Pralines and cream and I thought it was far too sweet, certainly not worth waiting in line for.


Flying Monkey Bakery – I got Steve a Guinness cupcake, which he enjoyed and I liked the lemon raspberry one I had.

Chocolate by Mueller – I tried some truffles that Marc had purchased. Perfectly reasonable truffles, nothing special.

Sang Kee Peking Duck – Marc was told to get the triple dumpling soup, so we did. I never figured out why it was called that, as there were only 2 types of dumplings. But, the soup was delicious and I went back later in the week to try the wonton noodle duck soup, also quite good.

DiNic’s – It was currently featured on Man v. Food and so the lines were out of control. But I knew I had to try their signature roast pork with provolone and broccoli rabe sub. It was outstanding. The sandwich was large enough to make a second meal of later. I would ask for double greens, since I love the bitterness of the rabe.

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