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Shangri-la and Eastern Lamejun Bakers, Belmont


What do lamejuns, tea smoked duck, cold sesame noodles and baklava have in common? It was what was for dinner last night. My last appointment of the day was in Cambridge, 3 blocks away from Shangri-la. I took this opportunity to try the tea-smoked duck I’ve read so much about, and my mood dictated an order of cold sesame noodles. It was a 25 minute wait, so I wandered next door to Eastern Lamejun Bakers, an Armenian bakery. A lamejun is very similar to pizza; there is a very, very thin round dough baked with minced meat (usually a mix of beef and lamb) and spices. My childhood friend Ishah’s family always have a ready supply of ELB lamejuns in the freezer, so in a strange way lamejun are a bit of comfort food for me.


ELB also has fresh feta, olives, nuts and many phyllo-based deserts. I got some baklava for dessert.


It was a strange combination of foods, but why not? The duck was unbelievable; smoky, tender, crispy skin with just enough fat. It was absolutely delicious. We polished off the whole thing (half a duck). The noodles were okay, not too spicy for me. Lamejuns were delicious as always and so was the baklava.


Armenian and Chinese, talk about fusion.

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